Holland Roden attends Day 1 of the LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party on April 12, 2014.


i found this at a school i went to for a band related activity

How did you do in P.E. today ?

I am being pulled into a relationship faster than I thought I would be. But I like him so much and he is one who I can't let get away but I can't date him now. I just can't. But if I let him get away I know I will lose him forever, and he is my bestfriend. I can't let him get away, but right now I can't stand to let him too close. I will break and shatter if he gets too close, but if he goes I will freeze in time and never grow again.

im not sure how im supposed to help

kill these fluorescent lights

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"I’ve been acting for 16 years. I’ve never done it for money or that stupid freaking f-word: Fame. I’ve never done if for any other reason than I love being on a movie set and I love bringing truth to the screen."


Girl: I want you to dominate me

Me: Ok


maybe i’ll get my hair cut like this

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